Max Kazemzadeh, Persian American Series, 2004


Persian American Series

Max Kazemzadeh

In our last installment of MAPPINGS, Tucker Teutsch's poetic ruminations on the devastated city of New Orleans made me consider not just the physicality of place, but also made me think about location as a concept and a construct in a way I had not contemplated for some time: it reminded me that one must always consider the individual within the context of any surrounding. Max Kazemzadeh's Persian/American series does exactly this in a wry and self-reflexive manner. Denton-based artist and professor Kazemzadeh's series is illuminating, simultaneously foregrounding a sense of both geographical locale and cultural position without being in any way didactic. His work speaks on so many levelspoignantly, politically, aestheticallythat it is fair to say it can, and will, speak quite easily for itself.

Anjali Gupta
Editor, ARTL!ES

I recently had my truck valet parked at the Galleria Shopping Center. When I came to pick it up, they asked me my name. I said Kazemzadeh. They then asked me what kind of car I drove. I said it was a blue Avalanche. The runner returned to the booth twice before he realized that an Avalanche was a truck.

- Max Kazemzadeh (age 31)

I saved one summer waiting tables to buy a boat. Once I bought it, I invited my whole family out for a ride in Joe Pool lake. Carmel, Sena, my mom, and Max were in the back seat. Karen, Mamajon, and I were in the front. The engine took us out to the middle of the lake and stalled. We made it back to shore two hours later.

- Mark Rahim Kazemzadeh (brother, age 24)

We threw a party the spring before last, and three of our oldest Persian friends attended. They had a lamb slaughtered for the party and were planning to grill it over hot coals in a grill made of stones arranged in a circle. I mentioned that it wouldn't be necessary since we already have a grill. They continued to perfect their makeshift grill and cooked the meat as planned.

- Karen Kazemzadeh (mother, age 55)

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