Perfect Space

Jenny Schlief (RED WHITE YELLOW)

The blogs, websites and other online presences of artists Stephanie Davidson, Tara Downs, Debo Eilers, Ryan Lauderdale, Brenna Murphy, Jocelyn Shipley, Dylan Reece and the collective Totally Wreck Production Institute inspired this Art Lies curatorial project, Perfect Space. Each artist’s or artist collective’s site functions like a digital sketchbook or privately curated space. Each is a mind-dump of selected things from the largest mind-dump—the Internet. For me, looking at these sites is a way to understand the artist and their work. By looking at how their blog is constructed or the way their YouTube channel is designed, you get a feel for what they are all about. The Web gives the work its identity, its ideal or perfect space. Accordingly, this project presents an online representation of RED WHITE YELLOW—my brick-and-mortar gallery in Houston—right now, in this time and space.

I mostly selected images that the artists created themselves, whether through digital manipulation (altering images or generating gifs) or by producing moving images (videotaped performance or 3-D animation). Most of these artists are extremely prolific; it’s important to mention that they do much more than what’s presented here. Each artist, individually or as part of a collective, makes some form of sculpture, painting, performance art, videos, digital manipulation, gifs and/or 3-D animation. All of the artists maintain a physicality in their work, displaying it in typical art spaces from gallery shows to museum exhibitions. The installation of the realized exhibition presents the culmination of all the efforts put towards their online personas—meanwhile, you can copy and paste their online work for free.

These artists create spaces and moods. The spaces may not be physical or “human” (whatever that means), but the ideas and motivations behind the work are, whether they are existential or solipsistic. These ways of working, online (digitally) and offline (analog), thoroughly inform each other. Finding the differences and boundaries between the two is an inquiry into the unknown and a source of creative inspiration.

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