Lori Nix, Three Figures, from the series Some Other Place, 2001
Chromogenic print
20 3/4 x 24 3/4 inches


Fresh Up

Dave Bryant in Conversation with Regine Basha

Regine Basha

When I moved to Texas from Brooklyn in 2002, Austina university town filled with youthful energyseemed the obvious setting for an active young art scene. Yet to my surprise...

Curate Irresponsibly!

Kelly Klaasmeyer

I didn't intentionally curate a show that smelled like dead horses. It just kind of, um, turned out that way. I had work...

The Bridge is Out?

Richard Baron

As recently as the mid eighties, the art scene in El Paso was a veritable desert. A couple of frame-shop/galleries offered a sampling of Southwestern landscapes...

Cultural Readymade

The Artist Residency Program at South Side on Lamar in Dallas

Charissa N. Terranova

Supremely inorganic, the organic is the Generic City's strongest myth...

Run Artist-Run

The Changing Nature of Alternative Spaces in Houston

Janaki Lennie

The fire that decommissioned the art barn at the University of Houston twenty-five years ago sparked an explosion of local artist-run spaces...

San Antonio

Where Everybody Can Afford to Own a Gallery

Retha Oliver

In San Antonio, even the most sophisticated, bestknown institutions often have working artistsnot mere bureaucratsat the helm. Blue Star Contemporary Art Center has experienced...