Front Cover: Aaron Parazette, Double Fade (detail), 2003
Acrylic and enamel on canvas
40 x 36 inches
Courtesy Finesilver Gallery, San Antonio


Dumb Painting

The End of Representation

Frances Colpitt

"Painting is dead" was a theory, not a fact.


Aaron Parazette

Where is painting today? In the last ten years, there has been a dramatic increase in the production of paintings, as well as...

The Death of
The Writing of
Post-Critique Future

Christopher Miles

The "death" or "end" of painting was, in fact, a crisis that presented itself in the form of a discourse. By the time...

from there to here

Remembrances of a Monochrome Painter

James Hayward

Some weeks ago, my friend Frances Colpitt asked me to write a piece for ARTL!ES. I agreed, without thinking, and then began...

A Conversation on Painting

Paola Morsiani

Painting seems to be in a different place every six months. I'm interested in trying to understand where you all are in your own...

Premeditated Chaos

Dan Cameron

Curators in my position are sometimes asked why we invariably consent to get involved with grass-roots projects...

Organizing Artists

in a Post-Utopian World

Noah Simblist

What does it mean for artists to organize? It's the kind of thought that would give Karl Rove the shivers. For many, the idea...


James Bae

Before he died, I was going to ask my friend Julian if he wanted to meet in New York for Wilhelm Sasnal's opening...