Front Cover: Bas Jan Ader, I'm Too Sad To Tell You, 1971
16 mm film transferred onto DVD
3 minutes 21 seconds
Courtesy Bas Jan Ader Estate, Patrick Painter Editions,
Vancouver and Perry Rubensteing Gallery, New York

Back Cover: Bas Jan Ader, Broken Fall (Organic), 1971
Silver gelating print
18 x 25 inches
Courtesy Bas Jan Ader Estate, Patrick Painter Editions,
Vancouver and Perry Rubensteing Gallery, New York


The Many Guises of Sincerity

Regine Basha

Fitting that a magazine called ARTL!ES decides to tackle the issue of "Sincerity." When editor Anjali Gupta asked...

Sin Cera

Rachel Cook

Can a trite moment possess authenticity? I remember in art school during one of my first critiques, someone called my work trite...

Three Moments from the History of Sincerity

Sina Najafi

I heard a story that browsing through a secondhand store, George Bernard Shaw saw one of his books that he had previously...

i shall talk of things which
are sometimes accidentally true.

Linda Norden

Is there a more likely subject for a discussion of sincerity than Bas Jan Ader or a better test case than his painfully pointed and poignant "I'm Too Sad to Tell You?" Probably not...

A Sincere Attempt At Deception

Harell Fletcher

When I was in grad school, I TA'ed a class for a professor I liked a lot. He and I came up with various projects and field trips for the students. It was a fun class and...


Kelly Baum

Since we're talking about sincerity, I'll just go ahead and admit it: when I first read the following essay...


Terence Gower

Crime Stories…

A lack of solemnity is not necessarily
a lack of seriousness

November Paynter

At the 9th International Istanbul Biennial (September 16 October 31, 2005), one of the questions most frequently asked was, "But is it real?" What is even more...

Sincerity Log

November-December 2005

Stuart Horodner

Nov. 5 Atlanta: Still unpacking boxes of books and catalogs. I find "Unfolding Perspectives," the document of three days of lectures and discussions in Helsinki...

Dreams of a Lost City

Words by Tucker Teutsch 3.0

We've climbed twelve stories up rusting metal stairs to the top of a steel bridge and now we witness, wavering, unsure of the correct emotions...

If the sun and moon should doubt
they'd immediately go out.*

James Bae

In Agape Agape, William Gaddi's final novel of despair, a dying narrator expounds, before his imminent demise, a litany of culture's self-infatuating...

The Good, The Bad & The Very Bad

A Year in the Life of an art Critic

Jerry Saltz

I'm glad you came out at 9:30 in the morning to hear an art critic that tells you that you're as much a loser as I am. I've been here in Houston a lot. If there are any art collectors here...