Jonah Freeman, Justin Lowe and Alexandre Singh
Age Grade #3, 2008
Custom pigment print
Dimensions variable
Courtesty Ballroom Marfa


You Kant Always Get What You Want

Joao Ribas & Matt Sheridan Smith

Joao Ribas: As curating becomes more and more “visible,” that is, as the field constructs its own history and the charge of the curator expands beyond its traditional role, a certain antagonism seems to have arisen. This revolves around the ostensive division of labor between artist and curator and the denotation of meaning this implies.

At the Coed Dance

Naeem Mohaiemen

Everyone does everything, or so we’re reminded. We are all in each other’s space. The borders of disciplines are collapsing.

Wall of Shame

William Powhida

Art as Curating ≠ Curating as Art

Jens Hoffmann & Julieta Aranda

Jens Hoffmann: I am entering this conversation from the position of the curator—a curator who has often been accused of taking a very authorial and creative position in the creation of exhibitions. I am emphasizing words like “author” and “creation” on purpose to express my place in this conversation, and my overall standpoint in the realization of exhibitions.

The Bias of the World Curating after Szeemann & Hopps

David Levi Strauss

What Is a Curator?
That smooth-faced gentleman, tickling Commodity, Commodity, the bias of the world…

Waking up in Dreams

Raimundas Malašauskas & Gabriel

Raimundas : One night I fell asleep in a bar in Vilnius and woke up the next morning in a market in Roma as a cup of coffee.

Curing Curation

J.C. Fregnan / Stefan Brüggemann

“The pure work of art implies the elocutionary disappearance of the poet, who yields the initiative to words, set in motion by the clash of their inequalities...

Lesser New York

Fia Backström

Curator as Producer

Michelle White & Nato Thompson

In 1934, during Hitler’s ascendance to power, Walter Benjamin gave a lecture called “The Author as Producer,” at the Institute for the Study of Fascism in Paris. With urgency, Benjamin questioned the role of the author and the artist.

Exhibition as School as Work of Art

Anton Vidokle / Martha Rosler

Unitednationsplaza is exhibition as school. I realize that this sounds somewhat paradoxical, yet it’s the only way to describe the project that was intended to start as a biennial (Manifesta 6), scheduled to take place on Cyprus in Nicosia in the fall of 2006. Instead, after much turmoil, it was realized as an independent temporary school in Berlin, and then crossed the Atlantic to continue under the name Night School at the New Museum in New York as an artist’s commission.