Debo Eilers, Screengrab 2008 (detail), 2008; C-print; 24½ x 36¼ inches; courtesy the artist and On Stellar Rays, New York

Issue No. 68 Preview

Shahyad (Azadi), A Monument of Many Faces

Morteza Baharloo

The Shahyad, currently called Azadi, is a 50,000 square-meter complex in Tehran that includes the 50-meter-tall eponymous tower and a subterranean section with a museum and audiovisual exhibition...

Voice Off: Facebook and the Confessional Self

Lucía Sanromán

An inner voice accompanies us throughout life. This internal monologue, constantly running at a conscious or semiconscious level, is related to thought processes but seems to have a separate...

The Silo Must Be Built

Raphael Rubinstein

With the posting of short texts about artist and farmer Gianfranco Baruchello and Mexican psychosexual painter Julio Galán on June 16, 2010, poet and art critic Raphael Rubinstein officially...

The Function of the Studio (when the studio is a laptop)

Caitlin Jones

Brooding, solitary and usually male, the trope of “the artist in the studio” has existed in multiple iterations throughout the history of art. From Rembrandt’s workshop to the twentieth-century Parisian studios...

New Media and the Gallery

Paul Slocum

Galleries understandably dwell on the romance of the unique object. My house is filled with items that demonstrate my sympathy, but as I read about first-graders carrying laptops to school, I wonder how...

Untitled Chess Game

Charles Broskoski

Untitled Chess Game is a work in which a participant approaches a chessboard mid-game. The board, having retained the position in which the previous participant left it, presents a cumulative record...

Perfect Space

Jenny Schlief (RED WHITE YELLOW)

The blogs, websites and other online presences of artists Stephanie Davidson, Tara Downs, Debo Eilers, Ryan Lauderdale, Brenna Murphy, Jocelyn Shipley, Dylan Reece and the collective Totally...

Angelo Plessas: Life through a Web Browser

Stephanie Bailey

Greek-Italian artist Angelo Plessas’ interactive websites ( integrate elements of drawing, sound, Flash animation and innovative HTML coding. Each of his online two-dimensional...

The behaviors of new media: towards a post-hype hostipitality aesthetics?

Beryl Graham & Sarah Cook

CRUMB, the online resource for curators, has been wrangling with the joyous affordances of new media art for over ten years. Having just published three books about curating the stuff, it seems a good...

Puppet Masters

Cliff Evans/Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung

Like the Dadaists and Surrealists who cut and collaged printed images, Cliff Evans and Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung configure fragments of the Internet imagescape into kaleidoscopic visions. Both...

Studio Backup: 1 of 5,000 Hard Copies

Kristin Lucas

Paper Trail

Joel Holmberg & Guthrie Lonergan

Our story begins with a computer user evaluating his recent history. He devised a business model based on illegally returning used printer ink to giant retail chains (1. buy ink from store; 2. swap out the new...

Postscript: Arts Writers Online

Recently, celebrity critic and social media enthusiast Jerry Saltz logged 458 (and counting) comments on his New York magazine’s Vulture blog, arguably exposing the potential for a new form...

R-U-In?S Flexible Display (E-Paper Slab for Art Lies)

Kari Altmann

West Coast Love Affair:

East of Borneo, Magazines and Los Angeles

Andrew Berardini

The view from Los Angeles takes in a city even bigger than its ideas about itself. The sweep of the Hills and its villas eases into the endless, quasi-suburban tracts on either side into Hollywood or the Valley...

“Skate the Web” and Other Metaphors

Tobias Leingruber

To understand what “The Web” is, people always came up with metaphors. In the ’90s the Internet was called “Cyberspace,” the “Information Super Highway,” or more recently “Web 2.0” or “The Cloud.” Olia Lialina writes in her 2005 essay...

Another Ridiculous Tribute to Madness

Grennan & Sperandio


Susan Silton