Aleksandra Mir, Plane Landing in Paris, October 20–23, 2008; courtesy Laurent Godin Gallery, Paris

Eric Anglès lives and works in New York.

Nathalie Anglès is Founder of Residency Unlimited in New York, a not-for-profit initiative dedicated to collaborative partnerships to foster the development of international residency initiatives. Previous positions include co-director at Location One, New York, and the American Center in Paris.

Harnessing photography, video and installation, Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil explores “new cartographies” and society’s obsessions with security. Recent exhibitions include solo shows at Galerie In SITU Fabienne Leclerc, Paris; The Swiss Institute, New York; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; and Sala Montcada, Fundació “la Caixa,” Barcelona.

Elena Bajo is a Spanish artist currently living and working in New York and Berlin. Her conceptually generated practice is concerned with the social and political dimensions of everyday actions and common places. She has recently exhibited in Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, and ISCP, New York. Upcoming projects include a guest editor position at Input Journal, an exhibition at P.S.1 entitled When you cut into the present the future leaks out (the production of space), and the publication of an artist book by One Star Press.

Mary Ellen Carroll is a conceptual artist living and working in Houston and New York. She is the recipient of numerous grants and honors, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Rockefeller Fellowship, a MacDowell Colony Fellowship and a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant. In addition, she was awarded a grant from the Pennies from Heaven Fund for her contribution to New York City as a visual artist for work that is advanced, experimental and socially visionary. Carroll teaches architecture at Rice University in Houston, and in fall 2009 she will realize the project Prototype 180, a work of art that will make architecture performative by inverting an acre of land and turning the domestic structure that sits upon it 180 degrees. Her work has been exhibited at numerous galleries and institutions around the world, including the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; the ICA, London; Museum für Völkerkunde, Munich; the ICA, Philadelphia; MUMOK, Vienna; and the Renaissance Society, Chicago.

Asli Cavusoglu is an artist and writer based in Istanbul. The bulk of her work stems from experimental exercises working with mechanisms of erasure, repetition, replicas and narrative interplay. Recent exhibitions include Kein Ding (2009), ACC Galerie Weimar; End Game (2009), Space Loop, Seoul; Hypnosis Show (2008), Jessica Silverman Gallery, San Fransisco; and You can’t kiss away a murder (2008), Galerist, Istanbul. Her artist’s books include In Patagonia after Bruce Chatwin (2009), The Unsubscribed Llfe of Peter Böse (2007), Caiet De Geografie and Takip/Poursuite (2006). She has acted as guest editor for Pist Protta (Copenhagen) and has published numerous articles and essays in Schreibkraft, Pazmaker and Siyahi, among other publications.

Anjali Gupta is Executive Director and Editor of Art Lies. Her writing has appeared in numerous periodicals, including tema celeste, Art Papers, Art Asia Pacific and artUS. Gupta has edited several books, including Thomas Glassford: CADÁVER EXQUISITO (2007), Silvia Gruner: Un Chant d’Amour (2008) and co-edited Colin de Land/American Fine Arts Co with Dennis Balk (2008). Her video credits include projects for Edgar Arceneaux, Candice Breitz, Kendell Geers, Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Christian Jankowski, Jorge Macchi, Shahzia Sikander, Yutaka Sone, Andre Stitt, Survival Research Labs and Jeremy Deller’s Turner Prize-winning Memory Bucket.

The Reverend Seth Maxwell Malice used to be a resident of Austin, but after appearing in the movie Slacker, he ran himself out of town by babbling about mysterious links between the Smurfs and Krishna. Malice has since written for such prestigeous magazines as Hustler and Juxtapoz and co-edited the underground newspaper FILTH. In addition, he is the author of Orthodox Ruse: A Theological Thriller (2004). Malice is tentatively based in San Francisco.

Warren Neidich is an artist and organizer whose work links issues of historical materialism, general intellect and theories of mind to produce what he calls post-phenomenal discourse. His recent book Lost Between the Extensivity/Intensivity Exchange (2009) was recently published by Onomatopee (Eindhoven, Netherlands) and recounts the history of a number of drawings from their genesis as works on paper into their condition as light projections upon found pedestals and Plexiglas vitrines within the void of the white cube. He is presently organizing a conference called “The Power of Art” to be held on July 11, 2009, at The Drawing Center, New York, and is a visiting artist and scholar at the TU Delft School of Architecture.

Jakob Schillinger is a German artist based in New York and Berlin. Mainly, he just talks.

Jason Jay Stevens is an installation artist, museum exhibit designer, composer and one half of the multimedia artist team Potter-Belmar Labs with partner Leslie Raymond, whose collaborative work includes single-channel videos and live cinema performances in which the artists mix audio and video live. Their performances are a hybrid of sampled and original media, and often participatory. In May 2008, the duo toured the West Coast, performing at such venues as Other Cinema in San Francisco and Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles. Stevens is based in San Antonio.

San Antonio-based Gary Sweeney was born into the fertile artistic climate of 1950s Southern California, and his father and grandmother were both artists. As one critic said of his work, Sweeney has, “never met a medium he wouldn’t try,” including family vacation snapshots, discarded signs and grains of rice etched with handwritten text. His text-based, humor-driven style is easily recognized throughout his large and diverse body of work, and much of his recent art incorporates the languages and cultures of other countries.

Houston native Jennifer Teets is a curator interested in conceptual potlatch, future renaissance and hybrid systems. Teets served as curator of Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros, Mexico City, from 2003 to 2007. She is the 2009 Curator-in-Residence at the Kadist Art Foundation, Paris.

Michelle White is Assistant Curator at the Menil Collection where she recently curated the exhibition Imaginary Spaces. An editorial advisor of Art Lies and a regular contributor to Art Papers, White is also the co-curator of Richard Serra’s drawing retrospective, which opens at the Menil in 2011.